Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd year Character Design - assign#2

Concept was two opposite characters.
so i designed sweet bubbly and optomistic prom girl
and depressed pessimistic prom boy who's worried to be rejected generally. :)

2nd year - assignemtn #1 Outdoor Scene

first painting assignment final work in gauche and colour studies done in water colours

2nd year - Expression Change

First half of what I originali planned...

animating old man is fun.. =~=

2nd year - Weight lift and toss

weight lift and toss . .

the original plan was to make the cake explode

2nd year - Walke and Run

Walk and Run Assginment.

required to put two characters of opposit personality interation.

2nd year - Wave Boat Sack

First second year assignment

I had some fun with smear drawing.