Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CG - LRanus Portrait

my character portrait done for game play..
I struggled to find time outside of class and assignment times to finish this painting but i've finally managed it :)

2nd year - Animal bone

animal bone drawings done in lifedrawing class long long time ago... ==

2nd year - 2nd assignment, Poorman's House

Last semaster's second assignment.
Interior painting and I've chose the concept of 'Poor'.

it was pretty fun :)
from top its final, colour studies and tonal studies

2nd year - 4th assignment Muzzle and Beak Character

I particularly like my Lynx Girl.
wanted to create a character with flexible joints for fluent poses

Took me a while to decide on the animal for beak character to stand beside my muzzle character.
yet it seems like I ended up with quite.. over used animal ==;
I still had fun though

2nd year - assign#3 Expression Change Characters

Both of the characters were developed from cafe sketches.
The female character's concept was broccoli.. :)

2nd year - Weight Lift and Toss character design

First assignment of first semaster

2nd year - 3D modeling Evangelion Head

Originally hoped to do entire figure.. but it was too ambitious
I might turn it into summer project ==;

2nd year - Human Lipsync

2nd year human lipsync.

I had a lot of fun with this one.

originally wanted to do a soundtrack from Dark Knight but decided to go with i came with the character that kind of a cross between Joker and Beetle juice.

Because of the I chose much longer and compact dialoge I've managed to animate 70% of the soumtrack. after the character says "hundred and sixty seven time" for about two seconds inbetweens are incomplete.